Printing Partner - Quality Control Device - Lease or Buy: How to acquire your Scantrust Quality Control Device

There are two options for acquiring your Scantrust Quality Control Device:


Option 1: Receive it from Scantrust


The equipment can be either leased or bought from Scantrust. Reach out to your relevant contact to arrange a leasing or buying agreement.


You will receive:

1 Samsung Galaxy S21 with charger

1 Phone cover (protection) 

1 Moment 10x Optics Macro Lens

1 Nanuk 904 Container box

1 Instruction document


Option 2: Buy it yourself

Equipment  needed

To be able to perform quality control of production codes, as well as to calibrate new printing equipment and substrates, you need:

  • A compatible phone for quality control. The list of currently supported phones can be found here.  
  • A macro optics lens (from company  Moment)
  • A phone-specific case (from Moment as well) to attach the lens to the phone


Please note that the only supported optics and cases are from the company "Moment". 


Where to buy - Compatible phone

You may buy the compatible phone from any online or offline shop that is suitable for your location. As this will typically depend on your location, Scantrust is not able to provide a list of recommended vendors.


Where to buy - Optics and Case

  • Macro optics: here
  • Case: Samsung-compatible cases are found here. Make sure to choose the case that matches exactly your phone model

If you encounter any issues, please reach out to

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