Printing Partner - Quality Control Device - How to set up your Scantrust Quality Control Device


What you need to get started

You have acquired or received from Scantrust a compatible phone and an optics lens. The optics is composed of a case (specific to each phone model) and a macro 10x macro lense. In addition, your printing company has been registered in the Scantrust portal, and you have been invited by email to register for a Scantrust  printer account email.


Hardware setup (2 minutes)

Clip the case to the phone, then the optics to the case. Note that on certain models you need to clip the optics to the correct rounded hole.


Software setup (5-10 minutes)

Set the phone up according to your preferences, with the Google Play account of your choice.

Download the Scantrust Printer app from Google Play or from the  Tencent app store. You may scan the QR Code below to access the app on Google Play.




Using the device

Use your Scantrust printer account email address and password to log into the Scantrust Printer app. Using the application should be straightforward; follow the instructions displayed on the phone screen. If necessary, instruction videos are available and can be obtained from the Scantrust support team.

Returning the device to Scantrust

In case you need to return the device to Scantrust, please do a factory reset, otherwise Scantrust customer service may not be able to access the device

If you encounter any issue, please reach out to  

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