Processing Scantrust Secure Code Workorders


  • after the Brand has submitted a workorder, an email informs the printing partner that a new workorder was submitted for them 
  • login to process the workorder
  • after login, you arrive in the company home window
  • click on the hamburger menu at the top left corner of the screen
  • in the slide-out menu click on workorders
  • in the workorders window, the most recent workorder is always displayed at the top
  • to see the workorder details, click on the little arrow at the bottom of the workorder field
  • here, all the details the brandowner submitted, are displayed


Process the Workorder

  • click on the 'Generate Codes' icon in the top right corner of the workorder field
  • this will open the workorder
  • in the bottom part, there is a little information that needs to be filled in by the printing partner
    • select the printing equipment on which you wish to print the order.
      • NOTE: If you cannot find the printer you wish to print on in the drop-down menu, you have to add it to the portal first
    • choose a substrate from the drop-down list. The dropdown list only displays substrates that have already been calibrated for the above-selected equipment
      • NOTE: if the substrate you wish to print on has not been calibrated for this equipment yet, you will have to calibrate it first. If you have not added the substrate to the portal, you will have to add it before you can calibrate it
  • click on 'Generate Codes'
  • in the pop-up window, click 'Confirm'
    • it is not possible to make any more adjustments to the workorder after you click 'Confirm'. If adjustments are required, please ask the Brand to create a new workorder and to cancel this one.

IMPORTANT: Please remember, you must only ever print on substrates that have been calibrated for the equipment on which you wish to print them.


Getting the Codes

  • once the codes have been generated, they are ready to be downloaded
  • click on the downward pointing arrow in the workorder field
  • they are placed in the same folder where all your other files downloaded from the internet are placed
  • the Folder name will start with workorder, followed by some cryptic Alphanumeric message
    • NOTE: You can change the name, just make sure you can recognize it later
  • The folder will contain 4 items:
    • codes.csv
    • files.csv
    • manifest.json
    • the codes folder


Codes.csv Folder contains 6 columns with data

  • Column 1 contains the extended ID
  • Column 2 contains the serial number, the one that the client ordered
  • Column 3 contains the sequence number within the work order starting from 1
  • Column 4 contains the batch number, there can be multiple batches within one workorder as one batch will only contain up to 10 thousand codes
  • Column 5 contains the batch sequence number
  • Column 6 contains the full URL (the extended ID with the URL prefix

The serial number, shown in Column 2, should be printed in human readable form, please refer to the artwork provided by your client. The full URL is what will be encoded inside the QR Code.

The files.csv file contains the reference to the image file inside the codes folder. And the serial number. Just like the codes.csv file, it can be opened with any general text edit program to ensure leading zeros are displayed.

the manifest.json file describes the content and the various settings for the work order. It includes details about the printing equipment, work order, and code type. it is required to generate the actual codes from the QR messages with our QR generator.

if there are less than 100 000 codes, the codes folder contains the image files of all the codes in the workorder, if the workorder contains more than 100,000 codes, only 1 QR Code is generated, and the data for the others is stored in a CSV file used for code generation with the Scantrust QR Code Generator.

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