QR Code Version and Error Correction

Quick Facts: 

  • QR Code
    • the QR stands for Quick Response
    • QR Codes come in different Version
    • The Version determines how many characters can be encoded
    • The type of characters set also influences how many characters can be encoded
      • numbers
      • numbers and letters
      • numbers and letters and special characters
      • etc. 
    • there are 40 QR code versions - we will only provide details up to version 5
    • version numbers module/cell count increases in increments of 4 per side between version

  • Modules/Cells
    • QR codes are essentially squares arranged in a square grid on a contrasting background
      • i.e. black squares in a square grid on a white background
    • each of those squares is also referred to as a module or a cell


  • Error Correction/Error Correction Level
    • error correction level means that 'backup' data is added to the QR code in case some of it gets covered up or damaged
    • there are 4 different error correction levels
      • L (7%)
      • M (15%)
      • Q (25%)
      • H (30%)
    • to find the error correction used on a QR code that does not scan check the highlighted areas

  • Which QR Code Version to use is determined by the following
    • What type of data do you want to encode
    • How much data do you want to encode
    • How much of the QR code will be covered by your logo (if any)
    • how big the risk of accidental damage to the QR Code is

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