Printing Partner - Scantrust Portal - Standard Codes - Processing Scantrust ID (SID) Work Orders

  • after the Brand has submitted a work order, an email informs the printing partner that a new work order was submitted for themmceclip0.png
  • login to the portal and go to the work orders section


  • in the work orders window, the most recent work order is always displayed at the topmceclip4.png
  • expand the view by clicking on the little arrow at the bottom of the work order field to see, all the details the brand owner submitted


Getting the Codes

  • the codes are already generated and are ready to be downloaded
  • click on the CSV icon in the work order field to download the codes


  • a CSV file will go to your download folder
  • the Folder name will start with work order, followed by the work order ID followed by a cryptic alphanumeric key
    • NOTE: You can change the name, just make sure you can recognize it latermceclip8.png
  • The folder will contain:
    • codes.csv
    • generate.exe
    • generate.txt
    • manifest.json
    • parameters.txt
    • sample_qr.tiff


Codes.csv Folder contains 5 columns with data


  • Column 1 contains the Extended ID
  • Column 2 contains the Serial Number,  IF your client ordered a Serial Number
  • Column 3 contains the code Sequence Number
  • Column 4 contains the Batch Number, there can be multiple batches within one work order as one batch will only contain up to 20 thousand codes
  • Column 5 contains the Full URL


The serial number, shown in Column 2, can be printed in human-readable form or could be encoded into a barcode, please refer to the artwork and specifications provided by your client. 

generator.exe is the scantrust offline QR code generator for windows only. Check generate.txt to see the download links for Mac and Linux.

the manifest.json file describes the content and the various settings for the work order. It includes details about the printing equipment, work order, and code type. it is required to generate the actual codes from the QR messages with our QR generator.

The sample_qr.tiff file contains the reference image file. Just like the codes.csv file, it can be opened with any general text edit program to ensure leading zeros are displayed.

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