What Happens When a QR Code is Scanned?


For those of us who have not had QR codes integrated into our daily lives, they could still be a mystery. So let's take a look what they are and what happens when they are scanned. 


A QR Code is a 2-dimensional barcode that can encode a variety of different information. 

  • a text string (ABCDEFGHI)


  • some numbers (123456789)


  • an alphanumeric string (A1B2C3D4F5)


  • your business card information (nicely formatted)






So what happens when you scan a QR Code with a QR Scanning App. 

Think of the QR Scanner like a keyboard. 


A QR code scanning app (dedicated app or the native camera function on your phone) is just a tool that reads the QR Code message, and IF it is a URL, it will transfer (aka: type) the URL into your prefered web browser to open the web page.

Some scanning apps will show you the URL and ask you if you actually want to open the link, while others will just open your browser without asking you.



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