Finding the Codes Associated to a Logistical Unit

  • available only to 'Account Admins'
  • go to Side Menu - CODES CREATED


  • select the campaign where the codes are located


  • type the Extended ID of the code into the Logistical Unit field (if you don't have the Extended ID available, read: Finding the Extended ID.
    NOTE: the name of the Logistical Unit field is according to what you named it in the Campaign setup


  • Click on Search at the bottom of the panel


  • Either the result will be displayed directly on the screen, or if it is a more complex search, you will see a pop-up window asking you if you wish to 'ADJUST FILTERS' or 'PREPARE DOWNLOAD'


  • in any case, you will be able to see all codes associated with that Logistical Unit


NOTE: if your Logistical Unit has 6 child codes associated with it, you will see 7 codes displayed as the Logistical Unit Code has itself assigned to it.

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