How to Design the Artwork for Scantrust Codes

  • prepare the artwork as you normally would
  • decide where on the packaging you would like place the QR-Code
      please ensure that the QR Code is easily accessible once the Packaging is filled/folded. QR Codes should be on a relatively flat surface without grease lines, folds, or bends. 
  • create a white space of 12 x 12 mm where the QR code is supposed to go
    • NOTE
      the white space is a little larger than the Scantrust Code, to ensure that scanning apps can recognize that there is a QR Code

      Example of Artwork with WhiteSpace


  • provide instructions to your printing partner to place the serialized Scantrust Codes should be horizontally and vertically centered into the white space
  • commercial printers have the correct software to insert the serialized QR Codes into the white space during printing

                      Example of Packaging with QR Code inside the WhiteSpace (after print)



Scantrust provides detailed Guidelines to Printing Partners during Setup, and is always available to answer questions, should a printing partner face challenges later on.

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