Getting Started with Scantrust QR Pro (Beta)

Scantrust QR Pro (Beta) enables brand owners to start engaging with your customers on mobile by applying QR codes on your products through 4 simple steps.

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What is QR code and how does it work?

QR code (also known as Quick Response Code) is a type of 2D barcode that contains URL information which redirects your customers to a webpage. The webpage could be a product information webpage, brand webpage, a marketing campaign page or any custom landing page. 


4 steps to use Scantrust QR Pro (Beta)

Step 1: Create your product by selecting “+ NEW PRODUCT”

  • Tips
    • You can create product in bulks via uploading CSV file

Step 2: Get QR code for your product by selecting “GET QR CODES”, then “+ NEW QR CODE”

  • Tips
    • You can bulk download your QR code by selecting your QR code through checkbox 
    • You can add tags to organise your QR codes
    • You can transfer QR code from one product to another product

Step 3: Preview and download your QR code in any formats and file title you like

Step 4: Go to “Landing Page” tab. Design your custom landing page for your QR code. Remember to publish the page by selecting "Update".

  • Tips
    • You can also change the landing page of your QR code by going to “Redirection" tab You have an option to redirect to your Product page or other webpages that you intended.
    • You can create localized landing page by adding languages on "Language" tab. We will display the localized landing page according to the GPS or IP location of your customer. We do not have auto-translation machine yet, so you will need to add the content of each languages yourself by switching the languages on the selector.



Any feedbacks or questions about Scantrust QR Pro (Beta)?

Your feedback and questions about Scantrust QR Pro (Beta) are very much welcomed. This would help us to improve Scantrust QR Pro further. Please contact us at

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