Printing Partner - Quality Control Device - Work Order Quality Assurance (QA) - Serialized Codes



Before we start, make sure you already have:

  • Secure codes downloaded from a production work order on the Scantrust portal
  • A compatible phone with Scantrust Printer app installed
  • Optics are attached to the phone camera to scan the codes
  • An account that has access to do production QA on the Scantrust Printer app
  • Make sure you are using the correct printing equipment and substrate/materials




  • Log in to the Scantrust Printer app as Printing Operator or Printer administrator.
  • If you are not already on the work orders screen. Please tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner then tap Work orders on the slide-out menu.
  • Select the correct work order.

  • You will arrive on the main screen of production QA. __2022-01-21_11.42.51.pngTap Make Ready to start. This stage corresponds to the start of the production. At this stage, certain parameters on the printing equipment such as ink density, plate pressure, etc. may be tuned. The outcome of this step ensures that the printing equipment is ready for production.
  • Your camera and flashlight should be switched on automatically. Make the required scan number as the bottom right corner shows. 

  • The system will analyze the secure graphic in the middle of the QR code and show the result after each good scan. Tap “NEXT” to scan another code.

          Scan tips:

    • Tilt your phone to avoid reflection or glare on the codes.
    • Avoid bright light sources in your surroundings that could reflect on the codes.
    • Fit the QR code in the scanning box and move closer or further slowly to adjust.
    • Your camera should be auto-focused on the code if not please tap the screen to focus.
    • Always try to keep your hands steady.
    • Your scans will NOT be saved if you did not finish scanning the required number and quit at the Make Ready stage.



  • After you completed 10 scans and all have passed the quality requirements, the stage is completed. tap OK to proceed to the next stage.
  • Starting Referencing stage. The purpose of the referencing stage is to set a quality reference for the rest of the production. This determines the quality tolerance for the current print run. tap ok to continue
  • Scan the required number to finish Referencing stage. 
  • Tap OK to complete Referencing stage. (Once the reference stage is completed, you will not be able to come back to this stage and make any changes)
  • Start Press Run stage. The Print Operator should make frequent scans to ensure that the quality of the codes is consistent. The quality of scans made during this stage is compared to the ones made in the Reference Stage, and if too much variation is detected, the user will be alerted.

  • Scans are recommended to be made every 10-15 minutes, although this time may vary according to the printing speed and the stability of your printing process. The number of scans required during the press run stage is entirely dependent on the size of the print run. it is recommended to scan approximately 0.2% of the codes printed. The press run stage can be exited at any given time by pressing the back arrow at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • When your production run is finished, enter the Finishing stage. This would be the final quality check. tap scan to begin.
  • Scan the required number on the bottom right to complete this stage.
  • If all the scans made are good, you may complete QA and submit the work order.

  • on the Production QA Main screen. tap submit button.
  • Enter the actual printing quantity. The number here should be as accurate as possible. it is essential. Tap submit to complete. 
  • Once your work order is submitted. It will not be accessible on the printer app. Please wait for the Scantrust engineer to review and approve it. 

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