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Different substrates perform differently when printing Scantrust Secure Graphic codes on them. This is why it is important for a printing company to manage all substrates well. Please note, any differenced (including but not limited to: paper, lamination, ink, etc) that happen to the substrate should be defined as a new substrate on Scantrust Portal.



Create new substrates for your company

  • click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the screen
  • on the slide-out menu, click on "Substrates"Scantrust__11_.png
  • in the upper right corner of the screen click on the "ADD" button
  • in the pop-up window supply the following information:
    • Name
    • Reference
    • DescriptionScantrust__12_.png
  • click "CREATE" 


Edit, Archive substrates

  • Click on the actions button__2022-01-24_12.18.00.png behind each substrate
  • you could:Scantrust__14_.png
    • Edit the name, reference, and description of this substrate.
    • Archive this substrate. (archived substrates will not be visible or used for your company in the Scantrust portal)


Associate substrates with printing equipment

A substrates has to be associated with the respective printing equipment to proceed with calibration.

With the following steps you can

  1. check which substrates are already added to the printing equipment,
  2. add other substrates to the printing equipment.


  • On the printing equipment preview, find the equipment for which you wish to add substrates. Click calibration button__2022-01-24_12.39.08.png
  • you will find 3 different sub-menues: 
  • Click "ADD SUBSTRATES" at the bottom of the INSTRUCTONS tab, if you already know that your substrate is new Scantrust__17_.png
  • go to the "SUPPORTED SUBSTRATES & PROOFSHEETS" check the status
  • on this screen, you will see all the substrates associated with this printing equipment
    • Click the "Add a substrate" field to associate substrates to this equipment
    • If you want to remove a substrate from this equipment, click on the action button - Archive.

      The substrates will no longer be associated with this equipment but it is still available in your company and you can add it again later, if needed. 
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