How to Display Different Languages in Excel?


When opening a CSV file in excel, some languages may not display properly if the file is opened in the conventional way:

The workaround to display these numbers is as follows:

  • Open an empty excel sheet
  • In the menu bar click on FILE
  • in the drop-down click on IMPORT
  • in the pop-up select 'CSV file'
  • select the file you want to open
  • you will see a pop up with the 'text import wizard' (or data text to columns wizard)
  • on the 1rst page
    • select 'delimited' and then click NEXT
    • for 'File origin' select 'UNICODE (UTF-8)
  • on the 2nd page, select 'COMMA' and then click NEXT
  • on the 3rd page, click FINISH (unless you also need to reformat columns with long numbers
  • when prompted to select the cell where to import the date, select cell A1, then click OK


NOTE: Delimiters can be different between different files, some may have 'SEMICOLON'

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