SCM Upload - Error Message: invalid value passed for extended_id: xxxx


Error Message: invalid value passed for extended_id: xxxx


The error message says there is an issue with the extended_id, which means that it cannot be found.

This usually happens if you copy/pasted the extended_IDs manually or if they were scanned into the file that you are using; sometimes scanners mess up and either:

  • miss a digit
  • change a digit, or
  • remove a digit


When you get this error:

  • open the upload file
  • in the first empty column type the formula to check for the length of the extended_ID. in this example it we put the formula: =len(A2) in cell E2


  • copy that formula all the way down
    turn on auto-filter (see attached screenshot) and filter for the exception


  • login to portal and go to codes created report
  • search for the first 5 digits of the extended ID
  • this will give you all extended IDs that start with those 5 digits
    •  if that does not give you any result, reduce to the first 4 digits
    • if it gives you too many results, increase the number of digits
      -->  Visually check if you can find the extended_id that matches the one you have except for 1 or 2 digits that are off



  • replace the correct one in your file and upload again
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