Why do companies, even after partner invitations, have to be validated by Scantrust?


As, at first, Scantrust does not know if a registration is done because of an invitation or because of an independent registration.

It is not possible to automatically link a registration to an existing domain because many companies use the same domains for different entities globally.


  • Scantrust will check if the company registering is legitimate (especially if it is a brand company we want to avoid that someone registers with malicious intends)
  • For existing clients, we will check if the same printing partner is already registered.
    • Sometimes a brand company accidentally invites the same printing partner multiple times
      --> this can become confusing for both; brand and printer
    • sometimes a printing partner may already exist in the Scantrust Portal with a different client, in which case the confusion will rest mostly with the printing partner (if they have to start processing work orders through different logins), but can also cause issues and delays for brands companies.
  • The standard review time for a new company registration is 2 working days from the time the user who registered the company has validated their email address.
    • When either a brand or a printing company is inviting a partner it is recommended to send a quick note with the email address and company name to '' to avoid unnecessary delays. Note: Scantrust can only validate a company once the email address of the registration has been verified -- meaning the person has clicked the verification link in the email they received)
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