What Does "Untrained" Scan Result mean?

What Does "Untrained" Scan Result mean?


"Untrained" code means that the work order QA session has not been evaluated by Scantrust Engineers.

Here is a summary of the Scantrust Secure Codes Printing process:

  • In the beginning, printers need to calibrate equipment so that Scantrust knows the capability. Based on that we will configure our code generating softer to optimize for the printing equipment and the substrate of the printer.
  • every time the printer prints a new work order, the operation team has to follow very precise steps to ensure that the secure graphic can be printed at the highest possible standards, for that they will open a QA session (Quality Assurance) in the Scantrust printer app.
  • at the end of the process, the QA session has to be 'submitted' in the app - once the session is submitted our (Scantrust's) Engineers will evaluate the QA session scans and set the threshold for the Secure graphic that matches that particular work order.

If you ever see a scan result Untrained, it could probably be the last step - the submitting of the work order - was accidentally forgotten.

Please reach out to the printer immediately, asking them to complete the processing of the work order.

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