Multi-company User Facts and FAQs

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Account Admin FAQ

Multi-company Users FAQ



Account Admin FAQ

  • Where can I check that the user has logged in to my company?

    • At the bottom of the Company Info screen - Recent Activity, or side menu - Company - Activity Log
    • The last login date in the Users & Teams page is regardless of which company the user switched into, it is updated to the same date for all companies
  • In Users & Teams page, Why is the new user's role missing?

    • Because that user has not logged in to your company. Please inform the person that he/she has to switch to access the company to update the roles. 


Multi-company Users FAQ

  • How do I check which companies I have access to?

    • In the side menu - Me section, click on SWITCH COMPANIES, or on your profile page, click on the SWITCH COMPANIES button. All the companies that you have joined will be shown in the pop-up window.
  • Can I quit one of the companies that I have associated with?

    • Yes. Click on the SWITCH COMPANIES button, on the top right of the pop-up window, click MANAGE COMPANIES, and click LEAVE to disassociate with the company.


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