Printing Partner - General Knowledge - Important Points to Watch out for the Printing Process


1. The same work order should never be printed multiple times.


2. For serialized code work orders, each individual code should ever only be printed once. Should you require additional codes, please request a new work order from your client.


3. The same work order should never be printed across multiple substrates. If you have need to print on multiple substrates, you must request a separate work order from your client. Each new substrate requires its own calibration.

4. QA scans should be done according to the printing phase. 

  • "Make Ready" scans should be done at the beginning of the production when the print run is being configured
  • "Referencing" scans should be made when the configuration is completed
  • "Press Run" scans should be made throughout the production run (or at the least at the beginning and the end of each reel)
  • "Finishing" scans should be done AFTER the production is finished
  • --> remember to submit the work order

5. It is recommended to avoid different line speeds and different roll tensions as much as possible
6. It is recommended to avoid stopping interrupting a print run
7. when print operators encounter failure scans, they should do the following:

  • stop the production line to begin the investigation
  • identify the problem
  • fix the source of the problem
  • mark where the issue occurred - this way it will be easy to later find the faulty labels and remove them from the delivery to the client
  • continue production

8. always print the entire work order in one go and should not be printed across multiple print runs.

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