How to Download QR Codes Images in QR Manager

QR Manager is a tool used for creating and downloading non-serialized SID (Scantrust ID) codes. 

You can access the tool from the hamburger menu on Scantrust Enterprise Portal.

Please take note that QR Manager is not a tool that is accessible to all customers. Please contact if you cannot see the tool on the menu. 


Assuming you already have products and QR codes created in QR Manager. (If not please check QR Manager Introduction)


QR Image Download

  • In QR manager, select the correct campaign, find the product, and click on the button "GET QR CODES"Scantrust__23_.png

  • Get a single QR code - click on the QR code button on the right side of the codeScantrust__64_.png

  • the next step would be designing your QR code
    • You can use the design from the templates(if your company had saved one)
    • Customize the QR code color - recommend dark color on light background for better contrast
    • UPLOAD LOGO - insert a picture in the middle of the QR code
  • Once you are happy about the design, click on NEXT

  • select the image format and naming convention
    • FILE FORMAT - depends on the usage of the QR code(eg: digital display or print) you might need to double check with your design team
    • NAMING CONVENTION - helps you identify your files
    • To save your currentl design as a template for later use, add the check mark in the bottom left corner. The template will save all settings including file format, naming conventions, etc. 
  • Click the DOWNLOAD button to get your QR Code image file



Bulk Download

  • To get multiple QR codes, in the beginning, go to ALL QR CODES

  • select the codes you want to download and click the download button

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