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Following you will the steps to download and manage your e-label QR codes: 

1. Login in the Scantrust portal 

2. Go to the QR Manager and then click on: "All QR-codes" section: 


3. Once you are on the manage section, to download all of the codes in bulk, click to select all of them on the small box at the beginning of the list: 


4. If you just need some of the QR codes, select them manually one by one, or filter them based on your criteria:


5.  Then click on: "DOWNLOAD", a pop-up should appear: 



6. Select the QR code and background color and click on CONTINUE:

7. Then you can select the format and naming convention. To save your settings for next time, set the checkmark labeled as: "Save as a template for next download" at the bottom left.  Finally, click DOWNLOAD


8. Check your downloads folder, the ZIP file should be ready with the codes selected. 


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