e-label - Editor - "Style and Content Templates" for Standard Information

NOTE: First of all, when we are talking about "Style and Content Templates" we are not talking about an existing feature. A feature to do this is not currently available. What we are describing here is essentially a "Hack" of some features that are already available to achieve a desired outcome!


"Style and Content Templates" can be used to update e-label information that is common among multiple e-labels before adding the product-specific information: There will likely be a set of characteristics that will be found on every e-label you are going to create. This starts out with Branding, over the majority of ingredients, all the way to translations. This "Hack" cannot be used to update e-labels that already contain specific information. 

Creating a "Style and Content Template"

- create a new product and give it a meaningful full name: i.e. {Brand 1 - Template}
- click on edit e-label
- add all the information, branding, and translations required and then publish
- no need to create a QR code
- you can have as many "Style and Content Template" products as you want but you can only ever associate one of them with a new product


Applying a "Style and Content Template"

- click on "edit e-label"
- select "copy from existing product" and then select the respective product (aka "Style and Content Template") from the Dropdown List. 



NOTE: To also avoid duplicate translation work for custom terms you could even add those and complete the translations. Once you pull the template into a new e-label, first delete all the custom terms you don't need for that new e-label and just leave the ones that you need. 



Information that can easily be stored in a Style and Content Template 

All information that can be stored in a product, can also be copied to a new product. The key is to decide which information to include in the template. 


- branding information
- all standard information
- packaging information
- custom terms and custom ingredients (that need to be translated)
     - after you import the template, make sure you delete all custom terms that are not needed
     - keep only the custom terms needed for this product


Add to the template product with caution:

- ingredients (there is a risk that you forget to remove some)
- nutrition table information (especially if parts or all of it has to be edited)

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