Customizing a QR Code Image - Advanced/outside QR Manager

We are not aware of an easy tool to customize QR codes beyond what is already available inside the "QR Manager". If you do want a special marketing code customization (i.e. larger logo, a different shape), you would have to reach out to your design team. 
If your design team can adjust the QR code Version and Error Correction levels in the tool they are using here is some information that might be good for them to know: 
- Currently QR manager codes are set to version 4, Error Correction Level Q

Your design team, in order to accommodate i.e.a bigger logo, could try to increase to Version 5, and Error correction level H and then test how big they can make the logo to still be able to scan the QR Code. You MUST test scanning the QR code with as many different QR scanners as possible to ensure that it is really scannable. 
Here is a help center article that explains in some detail about QR Code Version and Error Correction

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