e-label - FAQ - Different Ingredients, but same Wine name: How to create the different e-labels?

Especially wines without a vintage or multiple production batches within the same vintage can appear challenging to add to the Scantrust System at first. 


For product display on the e-label, it is important to remember: 

- only the product name is displayed, but not the SKU
- the SKU has to be unique in the System, but not the name

- keep the product name the same

- adjust the SKU accordingly to reflect the difference in the products


For example: our wine is called SPECIAL and it does not have a vintage. 

- the SKU is adjusted to say special_v1 and special_v2 (of course you can choose different identifiers). 



for GS1-compliant codes (with the GTIN encoded) you have to specify the different production batches as well. Here we recommend the field for LOT: 


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