Creating a Work Order


IMPORTANT: A work order created in the Scantrust portal does not replace your regular purchase order you have to send to your printing partner. Scantrust portal work orders are for CODES only! 

Only brand owners can create work orders. Printing partners cannot. They can receive and process work orders.


Let's get started

1. Click on the side menu, go to the work order section in the brand portal:           mceclip0.png

2. Then, click on the add button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen:


3. On the next screen, at the top of the page, you will see available templates

  • Templates are specifically set up for your brand and are clearly marked to ensure you don't choose the wrong settings by mistake
  • You may have more than one template:


4. Select the template you wish to use and fill in the required information:


5. Enter a unique Work Order Reference sentence

  • Could be the actual Purchase Order Number you have sent to your printer so they can match the PO with the codes
  • Select the Brand from the drop-down menu
  • Select the Product from the drop-down menu
  • Select your Printing Partner for this work order from the drop-down menu 
    • At times the printing partner may already be included in the template
  • Enter the Number of Codes required
    • IMPORTANT: This number must include wastage - the printer cannot change it.
    • Speak with your printing partner about how much wastage they generally require
    • Example:  
      • As per PO, you are ordering 1000 labels 
      • With your printing partner, you agreed on 10% wastage
      • calculate: 1000 + (1000 x 10%) = 1100
      • --> enter 1100
  • Under remarks, add any additional information you wish to pass on to your printing partner
  • Click on CREATE



PS: if you created a SID Work Order, the codes are generated immediately. You can download both: the .tiff image files and the Codes CSV file directly from the work order, once the generation is completed:












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