Country-Based Redirect

Visit the article: Landing Pages Redirect Vs Campaign URL Redirect Vs Basic Product URL Redirect to learn about the differences between the different redirect options. 



If you are an international company distributing the same product to multiple countries or even around the globe, you will likely desire the flexibility of showing different content per country not just limited to showing a different language. 


If a person in Thailand scans your code they should be shown your content specific to the Thai marketing efforts, if a person in Germany scans your QR code they should be content relevant to Germany and the marketing efforts there, 


Here is how you do it:

  • go to campaigns
  • go to the campaigns options panel

  • select the redirect tab:

  • select STC

  • select LANDING PAGE POWERED BY SCANTRUST (this is Rule 1 - and the default)


  • In the drop-down menu, you can select the landing page you want to be your default, this is good to have if you don't have custom content for every country yet:


Now you are able to add additional redirects.

  • Click on ADD A NEW RULE


  • A new rule configuration section will appear:


  • First, enter the countries to which the rule should apply:


  • The countries must appear in gray to be active
  • Then, in the field REDIRECT TO first, select STC from the drop-down menu (unless you only want to redirect to a URL or to e-label)



  • Now pick the respective Landing Page from the drop-down menu (the precondition is that you have at least one Landing Page configured already)



If you need to implement redirects for multiple countries, simply repeat the process and click on ADD A NEW RULE and follow the steps above.



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