Translating Landing Pages


It is recommended to set up your landing page in only one language first. Once you are happy with the first language, it is time to add the second Language:


How to add additional languages to a landing page

  • In the editor, go to the Language Tab on the left



  • Under 'Language Enabled' you will see the one that has already been added


  • click on the drop-down menu and check the other languages you want to add to this landing page


  • done
  • adding the next language only once the first language is completed will help you avoid confusion and you don't have to start from scratch, but only translate.



How to EDIT the different Landing Pages

  • On the top of the editor, LANGUAGE is shown of the current language that you are editing


  • click to see the dropdown - select the language you want to edit__2022-06-22_16.41.08.png
  • You will see that all the content you have created in your default language__2022-06-22_16.39.06.png
  • simply translate to by clicking the edit button



  • then click the checkmark to finish
  • Done - now if you switch between the two languages (in this case it is English and Chinese), you will see the fields with their respective translation



CAUTION: Once you have added one or more additional languages to your Landing Page, be very careful to check which language is set to be edited at the time you are translating! It is really annoying to have translated all content only to find that you have translated it into German, but have done so in the editing mode for Chinese. That work is lost, it has to be done again. If you have not published between translations (in this case, hopefully not), you can revert everything to the previously published version. At least your consumers won't be confused. 






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