One Landing Page vs Multiple Landing Pages?

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What is the benefit of having one Landing Page that is translated into multiple languages vs having multiple landing pages?


If you are a global brand that operates in multiple countries:

If you have the same kind of content for every single consumer in every single country, one landing page translated into all languages is perfectly sufficient (though maybe a bit strenuous to set up and maintain).


If you run different marketing efforts in different countries:

You want to make sure that every consumer is matched with content relevant to them with regard to their geographic location and the language they understand. There are many countries where there is more than one official language. South Africa has 11 official languages, Peru 3, Switzerland 4, and Zimbabwe 16, just to name a few (thank you Wikipedia). 

Let's take Switzerland as an example: Imagine a consumer in Bern, a German-speaking region, scans a code and sees the content of your Swiss Marketing Campaign, but in French or Italian. If the consumer cannot read your content, they will likely not engage with you further. 

To avoid this, set up a landing page for Switzerland with the relevant marketing content and translate it into the required languages, then ensure that this Landing Page is displayed when a consumer scans a code from within Switzerland.


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