Codes Created Report/How to Find All my Codes

In order to run any kind of CODES CREATED report, you must be logged in at least as a brand admin. Following you'll find the steps to have this report:  

1. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the screen

2. In the appearing slide-out menu, click on CODES CREATED

3. On the CODES CREATED home screen, if you click on SEARCH without setting any filter, you will see all the codes created under this company no matter their status, no matter the SCM fields associated with them. NOTE: you will only be able to view/download SCM field content if you apply the campaign filter. If you don't, whatever report you generate will disregard SCM fields

4. Begin applying the filters:

  • Select a campaign, if you wish.
  • A specific extended ID, if you wish.
  • A specific serial number, if you wish.
  • Search the codes that belong to a specific Work Order ID.
  • Filter based on a code Type: Scantrust Secure Graphic code (SG), or Scantrust Non-serialized codes (SID) 

You may also want to limit the search based on an activity filter:

  • When it was activated
  • When SCM data was associated or updated
  • You may want to limit the queries to certain date ranges
  • Who activated 
  • The time period, for code activation and SCM update respectively 
  • Limit your search only to updates of specific SCM fields

Please note, due to our system being on GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, you may have to select tomorrow's date to see all the updates from today. 

5. If you want to unlock brand and product filters you must select a campaign: 

Then you'll be able to filter by:

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Code status. 

6. Now, you have 2 options:

  • Click on search (the portal will run your query and display all records within the browser)
  • Click download CSV (a downloadable file will be generated. This may be more convenient if the expected volume of data is rather large)

7. Finally, to find the CSV file, please click on the Available Downloads option and select the latest search: 

Then, click on the actions Button and the file will be saved in your downloads folder. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that the download link is available for a specific period, if the link is marked as expired, you have to set the data filtering again from the search section and do the entire process from the beginning. 


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