Printing Partner - Secure Codes - InLine QA

InLine QA System developed in cooperation with Lake Image
  • ability to check each and every code during the print run 
    • every code is checked locally for readability
    • helps to ensure consistent printing quality throughout the production
  • eliminates the need for manual mobile phone quality assurance and training scans
    • a uniformly distributed subset of codes of the work-order is sent to the ScanTrust server for training.
This article assumes that all soft and hardware has been installed in your facility.
Before you start
  • ensure all hardware is connected to a suitable power source
  • your computer must be connected to the internet
  • you also need to prepare the print job on your printer, just like you would normally
Please follow these steps in the correct order
  • Start Aurora on your desktop
  • click on the OPEN FILE button
  • find the work order zip-file or the ‘manifest.json’ file that is included in that zip-file.
    • NOTE: please ensure you are opening the correct one!
  • click the LOGIN button at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • in the login pop-up window enter your credentials
  • you are taken to the ScanTrust Aurora 'Make Ready Mode' screen
  • NOW! before you can proceed, START the Multiscan 3 software
    • VERY IMPORTANT: Multiscan 3 software cannot be opened earlier; inline QA configuration will fail if you do.
  • you will be taken to the 'Mode Selection' screen (here you see a list of all the configurations that have previously been added)
  • select an existing configuration or create a new one
Creating a New Configuration
  • a new MultiScan 3 Configuring is required if
    • there is a new label printing job - one that has never been done before 
    • the label sensor needs to be adjusted
  • In the beginning, you will usually see a black screen, because the camera will only take pictures when triggered by the label sensor
  • click on the SETUP button
The Hardware Setup
  • The camera is high above the web, pointing down
  • the sensor is located closer to the web
  • the sensor is used to determine when the camera should capture a code.
  • it can be positioned anywhere across the web as long as there is sufficient 2 color contrast to trigger the delay (see below how to set this trigger)
  • IF the label itself is too colorful to provide for this trigger, it is possible to add trigger markers in the margin
    • there should be one marker per code row.
    • These markers can be anywhere on the paper, please ensure they do not interfere with your die cut markers
    • all of this can be set up in the print file created to run this particular print job


In the 'Mode Setup' Screen

  • select the correct camera
  • click on modify
  • this will open this cameras configuration window where we input the image length and the trigger delay 
  • start Make Ready printing for the next step
  • ensure that all the codes you want for one ‘image’ to comfortably fit on the screen by adjusting image length and trigger delay
    • Unfortunately, this is not an exact science. Trial and error is the way to go.
  • in order for the software to know where to look for what, a barcode reader object must be set up. For this, we use the Barcode Lite Tool
  • click add
  • a separate configuration for each code is required
    • if there is only one code per image, only one is required
    • if there are multiple codes per image, each of them has to be configured separately
  • on the right side of the window, in the barcode types section select 'QR Code'
  • draw a rectangle around the QR Code
  • leave ample space around the QR Code, because the line might shift as the web passes by the camera and you want to be able to accommodate that
  • make sure the result displays a URL, if it does not, adjust the threshold
  • if the QRCode can be read correctly between 70 and 180, then the threshold should be ~125.
  • click Okay to save.
  • if there are more QR code instances, repeat for each one
  • return to the Aurora screen, still in Make Ready mode.
  • The goal of this phase is to reach a stable printing quality that matches the quality obtained when the printing equipment was calibrated
  • Once the scans start coming in, the Make Ready count will be incremented. You will be able to proceed with production once 20 consecutive valid scans have been registered and checked remotely by the ScanTrust server
  • once all conditions with regards of quality of print and consistency of print have been reached, you will be notified that Make Ready has been completed
  • please close the window
start production
  • a green indicator tells you when production is in progress
  • scans will be collected and evaluated throughout the entire production run
  • when printing is finished, click on the SUBMIT button that appeared in the right corner of the screen
  • it will appear once there are at least 20 production scans have been uploaded to the ScanTrust server
  • click submit at the end of the production run in the appearing pop-up window
  • enter the total quantity of codes printed during this production run. t
  • click submit QA Session
  • Done

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