Finding the Extended ID

If only the Serial Number is Available

finding Child Codes of a Logistical Unit requires the Extended ID. There are 2 ways to retrieve it: 

  • If the Logistical Unit QR Code is available for scanning
    • use STEnterprise to scan the code (QuickScan is fine for this)
    • all the information for that code will be displayed, including the Extended ID
    • you may copy it with the copy button
    • Available to all who can login to STEnterprise (= except those how only have access to the 'Dashboard') 


  • If the QR Code is not available but the serial number was recorded
    • go to the campaign to which the code belongs
    • click on the 'Option Panel' icon and then go to the 'CODES' tab
    • type the serial number into the search field
    • under 'QR Message' the Extended ID can be found
    • Available to 'Brand Admin' and 'Brand Manager'



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