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Code Transactions is a tool provided by Scantrust for its users to view the updated history of Scantrust codes in a company.  It is particularly useful in verifying if an update to a single code or a batch of code has been successful or failed, and what update has been made to the codes. 

One single record of code update is called a single transaction.

Note: you must be an Account Admin of a brand company to use this feature. 


Types of code transactions that can be viewed: 

  • Codes updated by Scantrust Enterprise app
  • Codes updated via SCM CSV upload or single code edit on Scantrust Enterprise Portal
  • Codes updated by an integration script running at the client calling our REST API

Transaction Status

  • Complete/failed: whether the transaction has been completed or not. Complete means the transaction has been completed. Failed means the transaction has failed and you will need to investigate.
  • Pending/in progress: the codes are being updated. 

How to access Code Transactions

  1. On Scantrust Enterprise Portal, click on “Code Transactions” from the hamburger menu.
  2. Filter the code from the left panel.


    3. Click on the 3 dots on the right to view transaction details.

  • You can check which codes are being updated by looking for the parameter "extended_id" in the full parameters JSON
  • You can check what SCM data has been updated for a code or a batch of codes by reading "SCM Fields Passed"


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