Making Your Product Description Look Better on the STC Landing Page

Use these basic HTML syntaxes to make your landing page look better.

(This trick is only suitable for the product descriptions to make the landing page look more user friendly. Please don't apply for other uses on the Scantrust portal.)


  • Line breaks


Put <br> at the end of a sentence to break the line.


  • Bold



  • Italic



  • You could also combine different effects like this:

<strong><em>bold and italic</em></strong>


  • Change font size

<font size="+1">content</font>

Make your content font size 1 level bigger than the page default size. The bigger number you put <font size="+n"> the bigger the font gets. 





<strong><em>bold and italic</em></strong><br>

<font size="+2">big</font><br>

<font size="+3">bigger</font><br>

<font size="+4">bigger than bigger</font><br>


Enter the content like this in the production description will turn into look like below on the landing page.




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