Multi-Company Users - Adding a User to Another Company

This article will explain:

Companies that are eligible for Multi-Company Users

  • Print Companies
  • Brand companies
    EXCEPT Brand Companies on a SaaS Plan
      • e-label SaaS companies (Fremium, Business, Premium)
      • SaaS Portal Companies (generally not used anymore)

The task can be performed by: 

  • Account Admin
  • IT Manager

Admin Steps - Inviting the User

Login to your company

  • go to USERS & TEAMS
    • fill out the form
    • ensure the email address is correct
    • make sure you select the appropriate User Role for this person within this company
    • click SAVE

User Steps - Accepting the Invitation 

  • login to your account
  • go to ME section in the slide-out menu - there is a red indicator next to your name
  • click on your name to get to the PROFILE PAGE
  • Accept the invitation to the new company by clicking JOIN



User Steps - Switching Between companies

  • after joining the new company your profile shows the "SWITCH COMPANIES" button


  • you can switch companies from within the ME section in the slide-out menu's "SWITCH COMPANIES" button


in both cases, the following Pop-up will appear



  • choose the company you want to view

Please NOTE:

Your user role on the other company will only be updated after you switch to access that company. 

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