Changing the Authentication Result on the Landing Pages

PLEASE ENSURE to take the authentication logic in mind when making changes, otherwise things could quickly become confusing for your customers and your internal support teams. 


Making the Changes

1. In the side menu, select Landing Pages

2. Find the Landing Page you wish to edit

3. Click on the action button on the right end of your Landing Page and click Edit:


4. In the pop-up window, select a campaign for preview in the dropdown menu, then click SAVE:


5. You will see the drag & drop Landing Page Editor.

6. Click on the blue gear button on the Authentication Result widget: mceclip0.png

7. In the setting pop-up window, select Customized Scan Response Text to edit. Customized text will be shown to the end-user when they scan the code:


8. Click CLOSE and back to the Editor page

9. Click the UPDATE button to save the changes:


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