How to Set Up a Custom Domain in the Scantrust Portal

The correct format/length for a custom domain: 

  • your custom domain should be a subdomain of your own main domain
    • Main domain:
    • Subdomain:
  • 34 characters in total for the Scantrust custom domain URL will cover all scenarios

Please read at the bottom of the article to learn about when the custom prefix can be longer. 



Adding your custom domain to the Scantrust portal

By default, all Scantrust QR codes have a URL that contains a Scantrust domain. It looks like this:

While is a trustworthy domain owned by us, you can choose to replace it with your own custom domain name owned and managed by you. For example, your QR codes could look like this:{code_id}

Or if you chose to not set a path:{code_id}


  •  Click the icon in the company info on the ST portal to start adding your domain.mceclip0.png
    • This step will require your IT team to map a CNAME alias to the scantrust routing domain.

      CNAME is alias-records in your DNS database which is used to look up where a server “lives”. A CNAME must be set up in your hosting provider’s DNS panel. You will be most likely be asked for 3 things:

      1. Name: The hostname or prefix the CNAME record will be set to. This should be set to the subdomain you want to use (eg:
      2. Value: The URL you are setting as the destination for the host. This should be set to: 
      3. TTL: How long the server should cache information? The default setting is 1 hour (3600 seconds).
  • After your domain has been verified and is configured and validated
    • The Scantrust Operations team is notified automatically and will then create a work order template for codes that sets the domain automatically for all your codes  - this is generally done within 2 business days. Should you need your new template urgently, please contact
  • After this, things work as usual; brand owners select a template and create a work order which will then include your custom domain  in the codes generated


The Scantrust redirection and landing pages will work just as they did before. You can still set up your redirection rules and use the Scantrust Landing Page editor to put up content.

The apps would be able to support this change without any app updates.


NOTE: multiple custom domains can point to the same Scantrust domain!

Can the Custom URL be longer than 34 characters? - it DEPENDS!

  • if non-serialized Secure Code (printed in offset or flexo only) - up to 46 characters
  • if serialized Secure Code  (printed in Digital only) - up to 46 characters
  • if serialized Secure Code (printed Hybrid) - up to 34 Characters (to provide more room for registration tolerance)
  • if Scantrust Identifiers (no secure graphic) - no technical limit, your printing partner must choose the correct QR version and error correction in their pre-press software

Please speak with your friendly neighborhood project manager or reach out to if you are not sure :-)

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