Update Serial Number by Extended id - Template

In this article, we'll show you how you can update serial numbers associated with the Scantrust codes. Please follow these steps:

1. First, prepare your CSV file in Excel. Note: You can find the Excel templates in the attachment at the end of this document.


Columns should be typed as follows: 

Column A: extended_id

  • enter the code extended id
  • 1 row = 1 code = 1 extended id

Column B: serial_number

  • enter the serial number
  • 1 row = 1 code = 1 serial number

2. Login to the Scantrust portal

3. In the side menu, click on Campaign

4. Find the campaign to which the codes belong to. Click the option penal button on the campaign:Scantrust__14_.png

5. Select CODES:Scantrust__15_.png


6. Click on UPLOAD SCM DATA BY CSV:campaign_-_upload.png

7. Upload your CSV file and click on NEXT

8. Then, click on the first column "extended_id", and click on START UPLOAD:


9. All the codes in your CSV file will be updated.

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