Moving QR codes to a different Product via Extended ID - Template


Find all the codes that you need to move to a different SKU/product, by following these steps: 

1. Login in the Scantrust Plaform 

2. Click on the hamburger icon, upside to the left.

3. Then in the side menu, go to the codes created section:


4. Select the correct campaign:

5. Then select the SKU, and filter for SCM fields as required:

6. Click on SEARCH, wait until the system grabs the information, and then on DOWNLOAD CSV:

7. Then go to the Available Downloads subsection and click on the arrow below the Actions column: 


You will get a CSV file that can be opened in Excel and looks like the following (possibly with many more columns):


8. Delete all except the first column:


9. In column B type the new header: "product" and then fill in the SKU (as taken from the product entry):




10. Go to Campaigns section --> Codes --> and click on UPLOAD SCM DATA BY CSV: 

11. Choose the file and click on NEXT: 

12. Click on extended_id (to mark it as the unique identifier) and click START UPLOAD: 

Wait until the upload completes.

13. Done


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