Learn more about your consumers - Jotform hidden questions setup

Add hidden fields in your Jotform when it is configured on the landing page to learn more about your consumers.

Please follow the steps to:

Add a new form element and set it to hidden fields in Jotform:

  • Go to your Jotform Form Builder
  • Click "Add Form Element": The-Easiest-Online-Form-Builder-Jotform.png
  • Select the new question card, type the hidden field name as a question, and click the gear button to edit: The-Easiest-Online-Form-Builder-Jotform__1_.png
  • A slide-out menu appears on the right, click ADVANCED tab, and turn on the Hide field toggle:


  • Enter the key for the hidden field under Field Details:


  • User will not see the hidden question but the data will be there when submitting the form:


  • Use Duplicate Field in the GENERAL tab of the slide-out menu to create more hidden fields with different fields:



Default parameters Scantrust can record:

Add fields as below, you will receive data accordingly

  • Country - The country that the user scans from
  • serial_number - serial number of the code
  • product - the product to which the code belongs to
  • code - code extended id
  • scan_id - uid of the scan
  • lang - the language used on the consumer's device
  • scan_result - code's scan result

Once you have set up your Jotform and hidden fields, click on "Publish" and copy the URL


Set up in STC Editor in the Scantrust portal

  • Go to STC editor
  • Add a "Typeform pop-up" widget to the content layout box: 


  • Click on the edit button
  • Enter the button text and paste your Jotform URL:


  • Click __2022-04-28_16.44.44.png on the widget, and click the UPDATE button in the STC editor
  • Your STC is updated.

Now, when a user submits a Jotform, you will receive the data you set in hidden fields. Please check in Jotform - My Forms - Select the form you wish to check the results - Submissions:



Add SCM fields to hidden questions

You can also add an SCM tag in the hidden question to get the value of this code:


Type ' @' behind the Jotform URL(hit space before @). All the default and SCM fields in this campaign will show up in the dropdown menu. Select the SCM tag you want to track:


Then add '?distributor=' in front of '@distributor' and remove the space in between:


Finally, in the Jotform, just simply set the question - unique name to the SCM key as 'distributor':





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