URL Campaign Customization

Sometimes, when using a campaign-based URL redirect you may want to pass additional information. 

for example:

  • qr = Extended ID
  • id = Scan ID
  • region = Scan Region (works with intended market + custom region).
  • api_key = Campaign API KEY
  • scm:<key> = Any SCM field, for example to show distributor you would type {scm:distributor}

Following you will find the steps to configure the URL based on every item: 

1. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the screen

2. In the appearing slide-out menu, click on CAMPAIGNS 

3. Then click on the OPTION PANEL: 


4. Then, select CUSTOM URL, option:

5. Customize the URL based on the following options: 

Extended ID{qr}

Once you click on SAVE, you can try to read a code and check if the information is populated after  reading process, as follows: 




Scan ID:{id}





For the region section, the country will appear based on the ISO2366 standard country codes. 

API Key{api_key}



SCM Field{scm:distributor}

For the SCM fields, you can populate any field that is included in the campaign, ie. The distributor: 


Additionally, you can set up multiple values and show them in the same URL:{qr}&{region}



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