Is it Possible to UN-CONSUME a Code?


To learn more about the consumed feature itself, please visit the Landing Pages - Consumed Feature article. 


It is possible to un-consume a code, however, there are limitations to this option, and as it is NOT FULLY SUPPORTED by the Scantrust System: 

You can UN-consume codes by uploading a CSV, as per the following screenshot: 


  • DASHBOARD pulls SCM data at the time of report generation -> so if
    • a code was consumed 5 months ago
    • UN-consumed one week ago and
    • scanned (hence consumed) one day ago
      all newly generated dashboard reports will show the previous day's consumed_date, even for scans that were made prior to the most recent consumed date. 
      --> Recommendation: add another SCM field where you can put a flag that the code was previously consumed/unconsumed. This is to ensure your data team does not go mad when they are researching something and it does not make sense - NOTE: unless you tell Scantrust support that you have previously un-consumed a code, no help can be provided to figure this out without the flag.
  • Consumed alerts  - would be received multiple times
  • Code Transactions does not register when a code is consumed
    so that it would not be possible to use code transactions to figure out what happened to the code and why something about the consumed fields doesn't seem to add up
  • There might be additional areas that are not reflected in this article that could be affected if a code is un-consumed and areas where there could be problems that we have not thought about. 

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