Updating a SCM Field Based on a Different SCM field

In this article, we will discuss the steps to update an SCM Field based on a different one, without using the code extended ID. There are two ways to achieve this:

  • Via CSV Upload
  • Via STE Tasks

Steps Via CSV Upload

Let´s say there is a field labeled as Batch ID and this field has an Expiration Date. Initially, the expiration date was set as the wrong date and it is needed to change and update it, for all of the codes at one time without having to find all of the extended IDs. 

1. Prepare your CSV file as follows: 


Where the batch ID is the SCM field that should be already assigned to the QR codes and the                Expiration date is the one that is required to update.

2. Click on the hamburger Icon, then click on the "Campaign" section and refer to the "Option Panel" Button: 


3. Then, please go to tap: "Codes" and click on the option: "Upload SCM Data by CSV": 


4. Follow the steps to upload the .csv file until reach the field selection step. In there, the field that has to be selected is the one that has been assigned to the codes already, this would perform an asynchronous upload.  




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