Creating a User Authorization Token

If you want to create a new token for a specific user inside your company, follow the next steps to do it:  

1. Log in to the user account where the token is going to be created

2. Click on the user name in the ME section to go to the user profile:


3. Find the section marked as: "User Authorization Tokens" and lick on the + button: 


4. Select the name and date until which this token is valid. Additionally,  select the access rights you would like to give to this token. Below are some of the available permissions:

    • brand_create
    • product_create
    • scans_download
    • scm_bulk_edit
    • scm_code_edit


5. Finally click on: UPDATE.

We advise using this method as it gives you direct access to the endpoint without having to log in first. It also allows for fine-grained access control and can more easily be revoked for testing purposes.

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