e-label - Essentials - Getting to the e-label Editor - Enterprise


There are 2 different entry points to get to the the e-label editor: 


QR Manager - selected in the Hamburger Menu



From the Products Section - selected in the Hamburger Menu





Primary Settings for your e-label

  • If you have not previously done so, after you enter the e-label editor section, you have to select a template: you have multiple options: 
    • Wine 
    • Aromatised Wine
    • Spirit
    • Copy from an existing product 


  • Next you have to choose a Reference Language.
    NOTE: this is the input language for all drop-downs, and if you add your own content (i.e. an ingredient that is not in the list) it must be entered in that language to ensure that translations and regional displays work properly. 


  • click continue

Visit the article: Adding e-label Product Information - Enterprise to learn more about the editing e-label data. 


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