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The Product Information section contains the following subsections: 


Mandatory information is marked with a STAR:


Progress can always be checked in the Preview Screen to the right of the editor section. 




Product Information

  • Dropdown lists in this section contain regulation-approved terminology
  • for Origin, multiple countries can be selected
  • alcohol content is entered as alcohol by volume (ABV)
  • Net Quantity refers to the container size, numbers are entered in milliliter



Ingredients and Allergen Information

NOTE: While the ingredients in the list constitute what has been, to date, identified in the EU regulations, the list cannot be considered complete and it is your responsibility to make sure that you have listed all the ingredients contained in your product.

For more information see the article, How to declare ingredient and nutrition information.

You can select ingredients from the list or enter them manually.


Selecting ingredients from the list:

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 11.50.50.png

  • ingredients are grouped under categories
    • first, select your category, and then the ingredients from the respective drop-down lists
    • each category can only be added once and may contain multiple ingredients
    • Ingredients can be marked as allergens via the toggle to the right of the ingredient, it will then be highlighted in bold in the ingredients summary
    • ingredient order must be ordered highest to lowest content within your product

    • if your ingredient is not available in the list, please ensure to add it by typing the name

    • You can then also turn the toggle to ON to indicate that your product is using packaging gases


Entering Ingredient information manually:

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 11.49.47.png


Serving Information

  • you have the option to enter one serving size for all countries or to specify different serving sizes for select countries. (The standard serving across bars in Europe is 125ml).


  • customize how the information is displayed to your consumer
    • select your bottle icon
    • select your glass icon
    • choose the color of your liquid





Nutrition Declaration

  • information is added per 100 milliliters (ml)
  • for energy, you can add your values or you can use the energy calculator




Responsible Consumption

  • The following labels are selected by default. They can however be deselected.
    Screenshot 2024-05-06 115121.png
    • SELECT LABELS from the list of labels already provided

      Screenshot 2024-05-06 114024.png
    • UPLOAD YOUR OWN LABELS and choose in which countries to display
  • Select to display the Wine in Moderation logo
    Screenshot 2024-05-06 114518.png
  • Select to display the responsible consumption message
    Screenshot 2024-05-06 114952.png


  • the sustainability section contains 3 categories:
    • Recyclability
      • including: Comply with Italian recycling Information
    • Organic
    • Certifications
  • it is visualized via labels
    • SELECT LABELS from the list of labels already provided
    • UPLOAD YOUR OWN LABELS and choose to which of the 3 categories they belong and in which countries to display them




Geographical Indications

  • add your products geographical indication
  • SELECT LABEL (if available)




Business Operators

  • add your business operators
    • Produced by
    • Bottled by
    • Imported by

For each of the business operators you may choose to provide the information per country if applicable


Brand Information

  • add a brand image
  • add some custom brand text (it would be displayed on top of the image)

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 07.42.49.png




  • Enter Impressum to comply with local regulations. You can add this information for all or specific countries.

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 11.45.11.png

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