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Find the translations tab:


You can translate your e-label information into 24 languages. There are 2 options to manage translations; machine translation and manual translation. 


Machine Translation

Machine translation will make the standard Scantrust-provided content available in all 24 required EU languages. If you add custom content to your e-label (i.e. the product descriptions or an ingredient that was not on the Scantrust list) it will also be machine translated, but you have the option to review and correct the translations before you approve and publish it. 




Manual Translation

When choosing a manual translation, nothing is pre-translated. Even standard ingredients would have to be translated by you - into every required language. You do have to approve the translations before you can publish them. 



It is possible to download the translations into a CSV for easy distribution to translators. 

  • 1 file for all languages


  • 1 file per language




Approving Reviewed Translations and Publishing Them

  • Approving a translation to move to status: "reviewed"

  • Publishing all reviewed Translations


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