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NOTE: if you don't wish to translate your e-label into additional languages, simply navigate away from the Translations tab. The e-label will then only be available in the 'Reference Language'. 


Find the translations tab:


You can translate your e-label information into 24 languages. There are 2 options to manage translations; machine translation and manual translation.


Machine Translation

Machine translation will make the standard Scantrust-provided content available in all 24 required EU languages. If you add custom content to your e-label (i.e. the product descriptions or an ingredient that was not on the Scantrust list) it will also be machine-translated.



You have the option to review and correct the translations before you approve and publish it.


Manual Translation

When choosing a manual translation, nothing is pre-translated. Even standard ingredients would have to be translated by you - into every required language. You do have to approve the translations before you can publish them.



It is possible to download the translations into a CSV for easy distribution to translators. 

  • 1 file for all languages


  • 1 file per language




Approving Reviewed Translations and Publishing Them

  • Approving a translation to move to status: "reviewed"

  • Publishing all reviewed Translations


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