EU regulations for mandatory information on physical packaging

According to the European Commission, there is no legal requirement for alcohol labels to include health-related messages.
*The only current EU-level requirement for alcoholic beverage packaging is to provide information on the alcoholic strength by volume.
However, certain EU countries have legislation in place that mandates the inclusion of specific health warning labels:
  1. France: Pregnancy warnings (in either text or pictogram form)
  2. Germany: Legal age warnings (in text form)
  3. Ireland: Pregnancy warnings (in pictogram form), along with other health warning information
  4. Lithuania: Pregnancy warnings (in pictogram form)
  5. Slovenia: Legal age warnings (pictogram form)
  6. Spain: Legal age label (in the "+18" form)
*Additionally, it is mandatory to include the Triman Logo on physical packages sold to consumers in France.
For the remaining EU countries, these warnings are voluntary commitments, with only specific countries mentioned above having compulsory legislation nationwide.
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