Uploading Products In Bulk via CSV file

If you need to upload PRODUCTS in bulk via CSV, please take the following steps. Take into consideration that If you have any doubt about how to manage a .CSV file, you can refer to this article: How to Open a CSV file in excel


1. Go to the product section of the portal and

2. Click on UPLOAD BY CSV in the bottom left corner:



3. Then, In the pop-up window click on the left button: CREATE PRODUCTS:



4. In the next window choose your file and click NEXT. Note. If you don´t have a file, you can download the template from the option that says: "Download CSV Template" and follow our instructions:



5. When you open the template, you'll get a CSV file with the following headers:

Please make sure the header of your file contains the mandatory columns: sku, name, and brand.

Mandatory Fields:

  • sku = product's SKU.
  • name = product's name
  • brand = brand's reference

Optional Fields:

  • client_url = product's URL
  • description = product description

NOTE: client_url always has to have the prefix: http:// or https:// in order for the redirect to work later
Delete the columns where no update was made (likely columns F through J)

6. Once you have your CSV file ready, you have to get back to the upload section, repeat the steps from 1 to 4, and then click on the option labeled Choose File: 

Please upload your CSV file and then press NEXT. 

7. If you set the headers as it was indicated in step 5, the system will tell you that the file is valid: 



8. The products will be uploaded and you finished when you see the below screen:


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