Adding Products in Bulk

There are two ways of adding products to the Scantrust portal. The first, outlined in the Adding a Product (manually) article, is best suited if you only need to set up a few products. The second, "Adding Products in Bulk", is better suited if you need to add dozens or even thousands of products at the same time, and will be explained here.  

Additionally, If you have any doubt about how to manage a .CSV file, please see the article How to Open a CSV file in excel. Following the steps to add products in bulk:  


1. Go to "Campaigns" (the campaign for which you want to upload products, please see the article Adding a Campaign )


2. Then, click on the Option Panel button (in icon-view):


3. Then, click on the Products tab:



4. Click on the option: Add Products by CSV:



5. In the pop-up, click on "Download CSV Template":

6. Check your downloads folder and open the file with Excel.

7. Fill in the product information and save the file:

    • NOTE: the URL must start with either http:// or with https:// otherwise it is not functional for other areas of the system


8. Click "Choose File":



9. Select the CSV template you just saved:



10. Click NEXT:



11. And if you are told that your file is valid, click on start upload:




12. DONE!



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