Products with Non-Serialized SID Codes - Bulk Generation and Association

Step 1 - Upload the Products

  • Create your "Product Upload File" with these headers
sku name brand client_url description


  • save as CSV
  • upload the products to your campaign
    • Campaigns --> Option Panel --> Products --> Add Products by CSV)
    • see Adding Products in Bulk for detailed instructions


Step 2  - Generating the Codes

  • create a work order
    • (it does not matter which brand or product you choose here, it will be updated in the next step)
  • the number of codes in the work order should be equal to the number of products just uploaded in Step 1
  • download the Codes CSV file



Step 3 - Associating Products to Codes

  • Save the Codes CSV File under a new
  • delete columns B through E (delete ENTIRE columns, not only the content)
  • in Cell B1 type a new header "product"
  • your "Code Association File" should have these headers
extended_id product




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