Finding the Codes Associated to a Logistic Unit

Following you'll find the steps to find the codes associated with a logistical unit. Note that this is only possible if you have the Account Admin role:


1. Go to Side Menu - CODES CREATED: 


2. Select the campaign where the codes are located: 


3. Type the Extended ID of the code into the Logistical Unit field (if you don't have the Extended ID available, read this article: Finding the Extended ID.)

NOTE: the name of the Logistical Unit field is according to what you named it in the Campaign setup


4. Click on Search at the bottom of the panel


5. Either the result will be displayed directly on the screen, or if it is a more complex search, you will see a pop-up window asking you if you wish to ADJUST FILTERS or PREPARE DOWNLOAD: 


In any case, you will be able to see all codes associated with that Logistical Unit


NOTE: if your Logistical Unit has 6 child codes associated with it, you will see 7 codes displayed as the Logistical Unit Code has itself assigned to it.

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